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FIFA 19 - Essential edition for Xbox 360

FIFA 19 once again features Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover of every edition. With the arrival of the UEFA Champions League, the tournament appears in different game modes, introducing new ways to play. Are you ready for the era of champions?

The game has several improvements over its previous version. Its motion and finishing animations make the gameplay even more fluid and close to reality. The UEFA Champions League has arrived at FIFA 19, there is no greater success for European clubs, where dreams come true and legends emerge in this historic tournament featuring the world’s best clubs.

Minecraft - Starter Collection for Xbox 360

Minecraft for Xbox 360 is the newest popular title in the world. Explore this devastated and dangerous world. With Minecraft for Xbox 360, you’re free in all your decisions and can cling to both good and evil, or remain neutral. Plus, you can create and generate extra power.

Build according to your imagination! Minecraft, the best-selling game for Xbox 360. Create and explore your own world, where the only limit is your imagination – remember to build a shelter before dark to be safe from monsters. Play alone, with up to 4 split-screen players, or up to 8 players online.

Xbox One Minecraft Gameplay

Call of Duty : Black Ops III pour Xbox 360

Call of Duty: Black Ops III takes players into a future where biotechnology has spawned a new generation of cyber-soldiers, always on alert and connected to the intelligence network, they are stronger, faster, more agile and smarter. And in a world divided by war, black ops operatives must make the tough decisions and visit dark places in this captivating and daring tale.

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