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A new face of video games

We are Video Games Maniac. You’ve probably heard about us on social networks or Google, however, we are more than just a video game store.

Video Games Maniac is our revolutionary network of gaming arenas where our customers can play together and try new games and products.

We are a venue for grassroots sports tournaments and even offer a gateway to the national e-sport scene.

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Our specialized online store remains an important part of our business, through which we nurture a passion for gaming by providing local communities of players with sought-after exclusives, unique exchange opportunities and passionate and knowledgeable teams.

Xbox Scarlett - price and release date unveiled along with possible release date for Xbox Two

Juicy new details on the arrival of Xbox Scarlett revealed on Twitter

Xbox One design


Featured Games

Take advantage of the range of video games available on our online store for all consoles from Xbox 360 to Xbox Scarlett. We have highlighted the best games of the moment (trends) including Fortnite, Fifa, Overwatch, CS GO…

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